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Thank you for visiting The Organization Pros.  I started this company to help people get the most out of their space.  During the pandemic,  people realized they were unhappy with their homes and needed to make them more efficient.  They needed a space for their office, kids, and relaxation.   This change led to more people focused on decluttering and organizing their spaces to create a calm environment. 

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Let's Get Organized

I want to ensure you have a calm space to relax.  Keeping a tidy home with kids and a busy life is not easy.  That is why it is essential to put organizing systems in your home.  Everything has its place.  My In-Residence course in my MBA program was an Entrepreneur course.  I developed my business model during this time as a project.  We needed to think about what we would love to set up as a business in the future.  I finished the course but did not start the company immediately.  In 2019, we had a major flood in our home.  Our family had to move into several temporary locations while our house was renovated.  To manage this disruption in our lives,  we needed to stay organized.  I put together systems that let us move our belongings quickly from place to place.  Our home was finally finished in 2021.  I decided to reorganize and put in additional organizing systems at that time. I started this business to help others get  organized.  I trained on professional organization and registered with the Professional Organizers in Canada.   I enjoy helping others meet their goals.  The products and services I sell are the same items that I use in my house and with my clients.  I am to here to help you get organized. 

Owner of The Organization Pros Inc.
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